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alex noel
São Paulo Brazil
i saw this thrugh julies & damlas' journals... so yeah :)

i'm just going to give you a bunch of pictures in a range of good to bad to get a real feel for me ok?

1)Whats your name? Alex

2)Where are you from? Originally Los Angeles, California, but now i'm living in Sao Paulo Brazil <3

3)How old are you? (birthday & sign) December 25 1986 -> 16 -> Capricorn

4)Sexual status.. hetero,homo,bi etc: H-e-t-e-r-o thanks very much

5)Dating Status: Single and deciding :/ yunno how it goes

6)If you could be one celebrity for a day who would you be? wow, the girl i really want to be, i don't know her name... but i'll go with Angelina Jolie, just all out sexy mmkkk?

7)Favorite song of the moment? Oh Chuva! - Fala Mansa

8)If you could have one super power, what would it be? Reading minds, just imagine... you would never have to think "what are they thinking about me", "what's going through his head"... my god i think all my problems would be G-O-N-E!

9)Dream job? Equine veteranarian

10)If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be? To be honest, at the moment i can't think of one.. i'll say South Africa, but i'm probably going there soon so its not a very fun one to put, its hard when you're living in Brazil to think of a crazy place to go.. yunno?

11)Are you on any rating sites? (ftj, wtd, ratemybody, etc) FTJ, and i just signed of for wtd, but i'm not into that .. nor am i into ftj these days... i'm burnt out :/

me with a 102 fever :/


i don't know if we're supposed to put pictures of eyes up but ok i just will

i hope they work <3
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