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Im Not Sure How To Do An LJ Cut....

1)Whats Your Name? Brianna

2)Where Are You From? Georgia

3)How Old Are You? (Birthday & Sign) 16 . June 10th, 1987 . Gemini *II*

4)Sexual Status..Hetero, Homo, Bi etc.. Heterosexual

5)Dating Status: Single :/

6)If You Could Be One Celebrity For A Day Who Would You Be? Carmen

7)Favorite Song Of The Moment? Jessica Simpson-With You

8)If You Could Have One Super Power, What Would It Be? To See The Future

9)Dream Job? Actress

10)If You Could Visit One Place In The World, Where Would It Be? Paris

11)Are You On Any Rating Sites? (FTJ, WTD, RateMyBody, etc.) FaceTheJury:xBaBiEgUrLx

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