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Mr. Ikari? Oh no. You can call me Shinji.

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Never fear Joe is here, and can't be rejected BWA-HAHAHA

I helped w/ the layout and so Damla was kind enought to make me a mod as well as an AUTOMATIC member of the community. I am a harsh rater, so you better be as hot as they come w/ a personality to boot.
Think the layout can be changed/tweaked, lemme know.

1)Name: Joe aka Joee

2)Where are you from? Chicago, Illinois. CHI-TOWN REPRESENT!

3)How old are you? 19 b-day: 3/30/84 ARIES

4)Sexuality: Heterosexual aka STR8!

5)Dating Status: Single and waiting for fawksy to move here and date me. KIDDING!

6)If you could be one celebrity for a day who would you be? Hm... Christina Aguilera so I could play w/ my new "toys"

7)Favorite song of the moment? That'd have to be The Faint-Worked Up So Sexual

8)If you could have one super power, what would it be? Telepathy. Yea, I'd read all of your dirty minds, learn all your dirty secrets, then take control of your brain. MUAH-HAHAHAHAHAH

9)Dream job? A HOT HOT porn star ;)

10)If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be? Australia. Always wanted to go there and get a digeridoo(sp)

11)Are you on any rating sites?


AND, look at my dog, he's sad
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